Where To Start


–  You need to have documented evidence of the ownership of the audio-visual content and must have the right to protect the intellectual property object based on an agreement or law.

–  You need to detect a violation. For that, you need to monitor and record the infringement by a method that will be recognized by a Ukrainian court (involving third parties with special expertise and experience).

Note: In criminal cases, it is also important to prove the intention of the offender to commit a crime. Therefore, you must warn the offender that their act violates your rights, and only after that, record the violation.

–  You must believe that you can protect your rights, and we will certainly help you in that.

By joining the “Clear Sky” Initiative you will obtain:

–  Complete access to the analytical information and practical experience of other participants in the Anti-Piracy Initiative.

–  Assistance from qualified and proven partners to protect your rights.

–  Permission to contribute on blacklists.org.ua to monthly update the list of websites that violate your intellectual property rights.