Blocking the illegal use of content on the Internet in accordance with the Law

Blocking the illegal use of content on the Internet in accordance with the Law

When to apply?

In cases when the facts are revealed of violation of copyright and/or related rights on audio-visual and musical works, computer programs, video grams, phonograms, programs of broadcasting organizations by any person, committed when using the internet.
There are some restrictions when hosting and domain are located outside the Ukraine.

What types of violations are covered?

The placement or use by other means of digital information other than the appropriate channels that violate copyright and/or related rights, in particular, VoD, on-line broadcast of a channel, audio-visual and musical works, phonograms, computer programs, video grams, and programs of broadcasting organizations.

What can be achieved?
  • Blocking access to illegally placed information / content.
  • Securing complete information about the offender, which is necessary for the prosecution process.
  • If the owner of the website and the hosting service provider fail to delete the illegal content or fail to provide information about the offender, this could lead to an administrative offense or penalty (UAH 8500-34000).
What should be done?

If an offense is detected, you should immediately contact an authorized representative such as a lawyer to prepare and submit a statement to terminate the violation. It is imperative to provide the lawyer with proof of the existence of violated rights, and documents identifying the right holder.

At the same time, the lawyer must have an electronic signature and represent and protect the interests of the right holder during the entire blocking procedure.