How To Identify A Pirate


1. With the help of the list at

The only one who really knows that content is illegally used is the right holder. If you are in doubt, refer to the right holder of the relevant content published on the website. To make things easier for you, the “Clear Sky” Initiative together with the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association (UАPА) and other market players have created service, where a list of websites that 100% violate intellectual property rights is published and updated monthly. Minus – the number of right holders that participate in the “Clear Sky” Initiative and Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association is limited. However, the Initiative plans to increase participation in the near future.

2. With the help of Content ID

If the content is placed in a legal player that is locked or where Content ID technology is used, the placement is considered to be legal. Sign of the player legality – there is a link to the website of the player owner. “Clear Sky” Initiative participants allow the use of their players ONLY to those site-partners that are not listed at

Illegal players (according to right holders):

3. Indirect indications

If the website has the following characteristics, then it is likely that it uses content illegally:

  • availability of new content at the stage of theatrical release;
  • low quality of content;
  • poor-quality website design, low-quality creative advertising and advertising of banned goods and services;
  • no contact details on the website for communication with the administrator; WhoIS does not contain information about the owner of the site; or there is a general email which no one answers;
  • low cost of advertising.
  1. Follow the updates in the list of websites at service.
  2. Approach the right holders for queries.
  3. Pay attention to the quality of the website as well as the cost of advertising.