Clear Sky Initiative, along with Publicis, launching a social challenge #zachepylo (#ithurts)

Clear Sky Initiative, along with Publicis, launching a social challenge #zachepylo (#ithurts)

The illegal use of the audiovisual content and the protection of intellectual property rights are issues faced by most copyright holders. But movies, music, books are the same goods, like new tires for a car, a wheat bread or a package of milk. So why do we pay in the supermarket, and do not consider it necessary when using audiovisual content?

Maybe Ukraine should already go for a creative economy. Creating of your own intellectual property product, such as movies, computer programs, books or series, is creating thousands of highly skilled jobs, sustainable production, creativity development, and attracting money from abroad.

But when theft of such products puts the development of the creative industry in jeopardy, how to protect?

Due to the illegal consumption of content on the Internet, the economy of our country suffers significantly. For example, a Ukrainian movie “poured” by users to the Internet not only does not return the money invested in it, but also does not bring a profit that could be invested in a new one. Here is the answer to the question: why there is no Ukrainian cinema in Ukraine…

Clear Sky Initiative, along with advertising group “Publicis”, is launching a social challenge #zachepylo (#ithurts) which should attract users’ attention to copyright infringement, explain the trend by a simple word “theft”, and convince an average user to buy a movie, series, music, or program for a computer. It is cool and important.

Together with the hashtag #zachepylo (#ithurts), opinion leaders will post in their social networks stories from their own lives, how they became victims of copyright infringement. We want to change the attitude towards the illegal use of content, because it is a real theft. Such actions do not allow talents to develop, bring real financial losses and reduce the amount of investments into the Ukrainian product.

At the same time, the initiative’s task is to show to the users that paying for the content is fancy, it increases their status among their environment and becomes a subject for pride. In addition, using something legally is cheaper than it seems to be, and there is plenty of opportunities to watch / listen/ read the materials even for free.

“Why #zachepylo (#ithurts)? – Because when it concerns you personally, it hurts and it grabs. And our challenge is about personal. Only through an example it is possible to explain what is wrong when you use someone’s else intellectual property. Because intellectual property is the same private property. It grabs not only millions’ idols (though they, in fact, deal with it mostly) – hundreds of people, such as photographers or musicians, whose photos have been snooped for some posts or whose singles have been used to illustrate some videos, face with the theft of the copyright. It doesn’t seem to be a really bad action, but not in case when it concerns you. When you spend a week looking for that very shot for participation in a competition, and it turns out that someone has already claimed it somewhere as his own. Is it unpleasant? So think about it. And when you understand – change the world for the better starting with yourself. And then, pleasantly, proudly and with an open mind, we will be calm for ourselves, for our families, for our country!”- Kateryna Fedorova, director of the Public Union Clear Sky Initiative.