How to Identify a Pirate Site – 8 Treats of Frauds

How to Identify a Pirate Site – 8 Treats of Frauds

About a month ago, the “Clear Sky”, Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Initiative, issued instructions on how to identify a pirate site. Similar recommendations were submitted by the Torrent Freak pro-pirate site.

The “Clear Sky” guidelines are more likely to have a b2b character: they send back the list of pirate sites to advertisers and to Content ID. Content ID is a program for sites with custom content that checks uploaded videos with a copyrighted database (this is how, for example, YouTube works).

“Why does the user generally need to know how to distinguish a pirate site from a legal one?” you would think. “There are millions of daily queries such as ‘Download a movie for free.’ But what is wrong with it?”

Don’t be deceived – it’s complicity in theft. The pirate sites steal from the right holders, making on you, or rather, on the advertisements that you watch when you visit their site. So you help fraudsters to make a profit. In this case, often a great producer, receiving less than his honestly-earned income, cannot create the same great films or programs simply because he just does not have enough money for it. Sad, isn’t it?

Tips from Torrent Freak are consumer-oriented and humorous. Comments from “Clear Sky” prove that every joke has a slice of the truth.

So, how do we determine that the site is pirate?

1. Does the site ask for your name, address and full credit history?

Torrent Freak believes: Since legal sites must license Hollywood and other films, they operate at a high cost. Therefore, their desire to secure payment from you may be explained, and they want to make sure that you can pay.

“Clear Sky” comments: That’s right, but not all legal videos require payment. There are online cinemas that compensate licensing through advertising.

2. Can the site be legal but not ask for any payment?

Here Torrent Freak is talking about the high probability it’s a pirate site. “If it offers thousands of movies and TV shows without applying for access to your wallet, you are likely to be on the high seas.”

“Clear Sky” comments: As we said in the previous paragraph, it can. But you have to register and create an account.

3. Does the site start to be annoying?

Torrent Freak is joking over the quality of content and advertising most often found on pirate sites. “If you are offered to enlarge your penis, meet a woman or have a quick enrichment scheme, it’s probably a pirate site. And these stupid offers are the price you pay for the illegal content. Nasty advertising is definitely a sign of an illegal site.”

“Clear Sky”: Of course, bad advertising is found everywhere, but pirate sites are a paradise for “low-profile”. Low quality content, low-quality site design, low promotional creativity, and advertising of banned goods and services are all symptoms of an illegal site.

4. Complexity

Torrent Freak notes the following: Such services such as Netflix or Spotify are easy to use. “Their interfaces are clear, neat and do not do anything unexpected. But if you’re on a site with six download buttons and none of them downloads, chances are it’s a pirate site.”

“Clear Sky” comments: Although Torrent Freak hints that some pirate sites are also easy to use, there are a lot of those with the six buttons, too.

5. The site offers all premieres

Torrent Freak: Hollywood’s main asset is the newly released movies. It saves them like a caring mother, allowing them to be watched only by those who pay. “Usually, if you watch premieres on the Internet for free, it’s illegal.” Here, the Torrent Freak manual separately points to the option of a paid VOD, when the viewer puts out a fortune for watching a catch-up: “If the movie was released today, last week or even last month, and you paid a pretty price to watch it with friends in the living room with expensive and harmful drinks and snacks, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve found the only way to watch the latest movies on legal grounds.”

“Clear Sky”: Here they are ironic about “expensive and harmful drinks and snacks,” but in general – yes, if the site offers free premieres, then the video is stolen. And if you have to pay for them – then the source, most likely, is legal.

6. “I like the site: it offers all I want, in one place. Is it legal?”

Torrent Freak answers: STOP. This is definitely an illegal site. The cinema and television industry entertain the masses, but they also guarantee that you will never – NEVER – be able to find all the content in one place. To legitimately gain access to a wide list of video content, you must subscribe to several legal services.

“Clear Sky” specifies: Probably, once all manufacturers can come to an agreement with each other, and competition will disappear. But so far, one cannot find everything in one place.

7. The site offers me each television channel for 10 pounds / dollars / euro per month. Is it legal?

Torrent Freak quips sarcastically: Yes. If you can watch movies / TV and at the same time go to the best restaurants in the city every day, either you are rich or it’s a pirate service.

“Clear Sky” explains: Content is expensive. In Ukraine, of course, it’s not about 10 euro per month per channel, but private commercial TV channels are often paid.

8. There are no contacts for getting in touch with the administrator of the site, and there is no data about the site’s owner in the WhoIS system, or there is a general email from which nobody replies.

This is another sign of the illegal site, according to “Clear Sky” – calling it “indirect.”

Author Olga Vaganova, B2B PR. Source