Publicis – Contest Winner for the Best Anti-Piracy Public Service Advertising

Publicis – Contest Winner for the Best Anti-Piracy Public Service Advertising

It was on October 24, 2018 that Publicis, an advertising group, was declared winner of the contest for the best idea underlying the intellectual property protection campaign. The a.m. results were announced at the Ukrainian Creative Week by the “Clear Sky” Initiative and All-Ukrainian Advertising Corporation (AUAC).

The winning idea is based on the following concept: when using pirated content, people do not feel they are participating in a crime. However, there are very few normal human beings (if any) that would agree to buy a non-virtual product knowing that it was stolen. What Publicis offered was a kind of reality experiment featuring a pop-up shop. Here it videotaped customers who showed interest in certain products, followed by their reactions on being told that they had been stolen.

The slogan suggested: “Piracy content had been also somebody’s property before being stolen.”

The communication’s second idea is based on the following insight: many Ukrainians do not give a great deal of thought to the issue of copyright with pieces of music, motion pictures, or software unless they are personally involved. Unless they are stung to the quick. This is the underlying idea of the #zachepylo “Stung to the Quick” campaign which is a vivid example of guerilla marketing tactics. These include spots showing fake show bills beside true show bills advertising the same events, subway advertising. There were also Instabooth photo booths at shopping centers with visitors printing out their pictures from social networks, only to discover they appeared on certain brand advertisements. This means that somebody makes a business of earning money from their pictures, and this fact sure stings them to the quick…

The ideas generated by Publicis also suggest that opinion leaders should get involved, especially those representing creative industries because they are authors themselves and invest in their own products. Merch is another separate activity area where designers develop prints of their own on the issue of copyright, which those who wish might print them on their clothes – provided the author is indicated – and accompany it with the inscription

“Copy original – not original.”

The winner suggested four ideas to communicate the significance and importance of copyright protection.

“We are pleased to take part in the initiative of interest, which is of great importance to each and every one,” said Ruslan Palamarchuk, Creative Director, Publicis Ukraine.

“The above campaign is aimed at end consumers of books, motion pictures, series, photos and other copyrighted objects” – says Kateryna Fedorova, Head, Clear Sky Initiative. “Our major effort is focused on B2B Communications within the piracy ecosystem, with addressees being internet providers’ hosts, payment operators, cyber police, and advertisers. It is for them that we have established containing the piracy site lists and brand lists discovered on those sites by the Ukrainian Anti Piracy Association (UAPA).

“However, the attitude of end consumers to the content stealers is of no less importance. It is only the pressure exerted by all parties in the conflict that might break the entire system of earning on stolen content.”

The “Clear Sky” Initiative is planning to implement the ideas proposed by Publicis with #zachepylo as the campaign’s hash tag.

Public service advertising spots on the winning idea will be filmed as soon as Clear Sky raises the necessary budget. As of now, fundraising negotiations are in full swing. Once produced, the spot will be aired on Ukraine’s nationwide TV Channels.

Four advertising companies have taken part in the contest named “Intellectual Property Is in the Same League with Property as Such” which was announced by the Clear Sky Initiative and All l Ukrainian Advertising Coalition on June 13 2018. The relevant applications were accepted by 25 September, 2018 with the Jury members representing AUAC, StarLight Media, 1+1 Media and “Clear Sky” Initiative.

The filming of the social advertisement will take place when “Clear Sky” raises the necessary budget. Thus far the public union is engaged in fundraising talks. The video will be broadcast on national Ukrainian TV channels.

Source: Detector Media