Sweden Has Launched a Hunt For Online Pirates

Sweden Has Launched a Hunt For Online Pirates

The Swedish government has decided to strictly punish online pirates. Now the Swedish fighters for the “copyleft” are threatened with six years’ imprisonment.

According to this decree, a violation of the law on copyright and trademarks may lead to imprisonment. In addition, the offenders will be deprived of “non-physical” property, for example, the domains from which the unlawful actions were committed.

The report, presented by Doug Matsson, member of the Justice Council, says that according to new criminal definitions, online crime will be divided into two levels of seriousness – rude and normal.

“A person who has been found guilty of a violation of copyright or a copy of a trademark of a normal level may be sentenced to the administrative fines or up to two years’ imprisonment,” the government states. “In case of rude crimes, a person may be convicted and sent to prison for a term of at least six months, but not more than six years.”

Since the known process against the Pirate Bay tracker, Sweden has always been quite tolerant of such violations of the law. However, perhaps this will change soon.

“Today’s organized online piracy has serious implications for the entire community,” said Justice Minister Helen Fritzon in his statement. “It is good that the penalties for these crimes have been revised, since the sentence will be proportional to the seriousness of the crime.”

The proposed legislative changes will take effect on July 1, 2019.