The second anti-piracy conference of ‘Clear Sky’ in the course of KMW

The second anti-piracy conference of ‘Clear Sky’ in the course of KMW

On September, 19th, 2018 ‘Clear Sky’ Initiative will arrange the second conference ‘Fighting Piracy in Ukraine: What’s done – What to do. 2018’. The event will take place in the course of KMW 2018.

The conference will gather rightsholders of audiovisual content and lawyers of Ukrainian and international companies to promote constructive dialogue for joint decision-making on further actions to protect the copyright and related rights.

“During these 12 months, much has changed”, – says a Head of ‘ClearSky’ Kateryna Fedorova. – “For the first time the Ukrainian Internet-hoster has blocked a pirate website on a rights holder’s request. Gemius has started conducting a separate study by the list of The USA initiative against criminal activities in the Internet TAG has expanded to Europe. For a year now the service of monthly publication of the violating the intellectual property rights websites’ URLs has been running, – and a new service has been launched: the publication of the list of TV services providers, to which the rights holders have claims (also on It’s time to set new goals. We are willing to talk about that with everyone who values protecting intellectual property rights”.

It’s planned to discuss how the issues of intellectual property protection are disclosed in the Ukrainian legislation, and where it leads Ukrainian business to. Speakers will give practical advice how to fight piracy: from monitoring of violations and damage assessment to cooperation with those involved in the process. Recommendations on cooperating with governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies will also be given.

The detailed program and conference speakers will be announced later.

The conference for the rights holders will take place on September, 19th, 14:00 – 17:00, at Hyatt Regency Kyiv, 5, Alla Tarasova Str., Paris conference hall.