Three Online Pirates Jailed in Japan

Three Online Pirates Jailed in Japan

Three guys in their twenties were jailed in Japan in January 2019. Their sentences ranged from three to four years behind the bars. The former student graduates operated a popular site committing unauthorized placement of the manga comics. This is how the Japanese government is trying to crack down on unauthorized reproduction and sharing of copyrighted content.
The claim against the site was filed as far back as 2017 and now, after more than a year, the three operators of it have been sentenced.

Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS) also welcomed the sentencing, noting as follows: “These heavy prison sentences sound alarm bells for similar cases and we, along with our member companies, will continue to take decisive action against malicious acts of copyright infringement in the future”

The government of India, another Asian country, approved a relevant amendment to that country’s Law on Filmmaking also trying to control content theft. Thus any person at fault for non-licensed broadcasting or airing of a motion picture would be subject to a three year sentence behind the bars or US$14,000 penalty. 4,000 motion pictures are annually released in India and major premieres are promptly pirated on physical media at the rate of nearly US$1 a copy or free via the Internet.
Let us recall a similar case in Germany where three representatives of a certain site’s advertiser were jailed in 2018 for copyright infringement with the advertising agency’s manager sentenced to a year and eight months behind the bars and two technical experts – to a year and four months each.

It is worth noting that Ukraine’s legislation also stipulates punishment – imprisonment – for infringement of intellectual property rights. While commenting on the issue Andrey Nayenko, a lawyer and attorney – at- law with StarLight Digital points out : “28 criminal proceeding have been opened as a follow up to our 28 claims but no imprisonment sentence was delivered since the majority of disputes were regulated at the pre-trial stage. Quite a few employees representing various authorities are involved in bringing the infringers to justice and namely : cyber police , investigators, prosecutors, judges, security service , relevant authorities. The scheme is rather complicated and the cases as such belong within a relatively new category. It is due to shared efforts involving law enforcement authorities we are moving towards greater sentences but we are only halfway through with the task.”

Article 176 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code stipulates imprisonment ranging from 3 to 6 years for organization and funding sites at fault for content theft.