About Initiative


About Initiative

The  Clear Sky Initiative was launched in the summer of 2013. It aims to promote licensed audio-visual products in the uanet, and oppose sites distributing pirated content on the internet in breach of intellectual property laws.

The Initiative was founded by Ukraine’s four major media groups, namely, 1+1 Media, StarLightMedia, Media Group Ukraine, and Inter Media Group.

1+1 Media consists of 7 TV channels: “1+1”, “2+2”, “TET”, “PLUSPLUS”, “1+1 International”, “UNIAN TV”, and “Bigudiі” as well as a group of internet websites, its own production department, VOD-platform 1+1 video, and High School “Media & Production”.

StarLightMedia incorporates six TV channels (STB, ICTV, Novyi  Kanal, M1, M2, OCE), three sales-houses, three production studios, two TV and film production support companies, as well as an online-projects development department.

Media Group Ukraine Ltd. was established in 2010 and currently includes a national FTA TV channel “Ukraine” a channel for a young audience, NLO TV, thematic TV channels “Football 1″/ “Football 2”, Regional Media Group, Digital Screens (developer of video service for licensed content oll.tv), a prodco Tele Pro, Mediapartnerstvo sales-house, and Segodnya Multimedia Holding.

Inter Media Group was created in 2005. It incorporates nine TV channels, in particular, Inter, Inter+, NTN, K1, MEGA, Enter-film, K2, Pixel, Zoom, and other media assets.

In due course the Initiative received support from the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association (UAPA), representing the interests of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in Ukraine. MPA also represents the Motion Picture Association of America and hence the major Hollywood organizations holding the rights to audio-visual products.

As far back as 2013 the Initiative offered very special terms for i-net platforms to use the media groups’ licensed content. This content is to be supplied free of charge, but only through the player of a relevant media group holding the copyright to such content. This includes video advertising in the player placed by the media group, with all ads on the page itself, nonetheless, subject to the discretion of the platform.

In 2018 Public Uninion “Clear Sky Initiative” was registered.

All those who share the following principles uniting “Clear Sky” adherents are welcome to join the Initiative.
  • Adherence to intellectual property rights: the right of the author of a work to receive a fair reward for his efforts.
  • Respect for the resources and the originator’s efforts to create his own works, based on the understanding that the illegal monetization on the internet limits the development of the creative field.
  • Readiness to defend one’s product.
  • Membership in the internal operations and anti-piracy activity of “Clear Sky.”

The principles can be modified and supplemented as the Initiative expands and the social context or functions of the “Clear Sky” change.